Improvements In Act Software

Since 1987, the purpose of ACT software was to store and to manage your business information, so that you can have time for more important things. Today, ACT is improved including many great features, compatible to modern technology and business requirements.

1. Your business will benefit from info databases, new email marketing features and many other things that will help you have a thriving business.


2. ACT is the best business software, being great mainly for small businesses. It provides all the features you need, being easy to use and costs are affordable.

3. ACT is ideal for interacting with your customers by giving small and helps you organize your business. Use it and you will be ready even for unexpected customer conversations. This amazing software includes a history of your past deals, interactions such as personal notes related to phone calls and email messages.

4. From now, you won’t have to fumble on the phone, searching for a recent mail to refresh your memory. On the contrary, you will be professional since ACT manages prospects with built-in-sales-process workflows which can be customisable to fit your business needs.


5. ACT also lets you know how your employees are performing, the percentage of deals, revenue of deals and you can also see opportunities very fast and easy.

6. This software automates common tasks, so you and your staff will save a lot of time. For example, it can send follow-up thank-you notes. Or, it can send the new client a “welcome” email, an email notification to a manager to inform him about an opportunity and at the same time, put an entry on your calendar. This will help you or your employees follow up with that client by phone in several days, which is great.


7. ACT integrates with Excel, Word, Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes, so you can move your information fast and easy. In addition, you can sync your ACT and Outlook contacts automatically.

If until now, you needed a PC to benefit from ACT, from now on you can use ACT Mobile Live to access your ACT database from your mobile phone or Windows Mobile device. You can add contacts and make any other changes right from your smartphone while you are on the road. Therefore, ACT software saves you from expense and hassle and your employees will also have access to information, no matter where they are.