Sage ACT Reviews

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List Price: $269.99 USD
New From: $115.98 In Stock
Used from: $149.98 In Stock
Release date May 1, 2012.

Sage ACT! is considered to be one of the most successful tools, at the moment, when it comes to customer relationship management. This CRM system is actually used by millions of customers, from all around the globe. Both small and large companies can benefit of ACT! and since it is so widely used, you probably already know someone who knows how it works.

However, if there is no one on your team who has used ACT!, there is nothing you should worry about. You can easily find out what other people think of this program from the numerous reviews that clients have given to ACT!.

So, numerous people have already used ACT!, being extremely happy with the benefits this software brings. Here you can read some of the reviews customers have given Sage ACT!:

Some clients are interested in how Sage ACT! can be used with LinkedIn:

I have version 12 and tried version 13. I was very much interested in how it handled LinkedIn. It makes a nice connection to LinkedIn and shows it under one of its tabs.

Other clients believe that Sage ACT! has a great customer service:

I have been using ACT since version 5 and recently converted to 2013. The customer service from Maria, was excellent and I have taken advantage of the 30-day customer support twice and both Moin and Ismail were beyond outstanding – great teachers, easy to understand, and helped me tremendously. Fantastic service on all of my three calls! So impressive!

A user friendly software, ACT! is appreciated as one of the best tools on the market:

Over the years ACT! has gotten better and better, especially for small businesses where a few people need to be able to synchronize contacts, calendars, projects, time tracking, and opportunities. For us it has become our Small Business Enterprise system.

I’ve been an ACT! user since 1990 and a very happy customer. This newest version made it very easy to migrate the old ACT! version databases over. Very user friendly.

We have tried plenty of feature packed CRM but have spent way too much over the years. ACT! is best value we have found.

List Price: $269.99 USD
New From: $115.98 In Stock
Used from: $149.98 In Stock
Release date May 1, 2012.

Every new version of Sage ACT! brings important improvements, appreciated by its customers.

I have been a user of ACT! since 3.0 and it just keeps getting better! Now, the smooth integration with Social Media takes it over the top! The design team listens to the community and the product shows it. What impressed me most is that ACT! 2013 makes work-flow easy across programs and platforms enabling me to need fewer if any other products. I was amazed that even my GOOGLE Calendar and Contacts were seamlessly integrated so that there is literally no need to leave ACT! 2013 during my erratic workday. ACT! 2013 keeps me at the top of my game.

I have used ACT! for a number of years and always found it to be a solid product. I see with each new version a number of functions or features added that I can check off my wish list from earlier versions. ACT! has served me well and I anticipate it will continue to do so.

Sage ACT! has provided me 7 years of amazing business control that I could have never done on my own. Each year I look forward to improvements in performance, enhancements and the the tweaking you would expect to keep up with today’s technology. I continue to learn that if there is something I would like Sage ACT! to do for me, it is already available within the software, I just need to educate myself on using a new part of the program.


For more information, here you can watch a Sage Act! 2013 video review:

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Just ACT!

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Looking for the perfect tool to improve the efficiency of your business? You need ACT! ACT software is an impressive program created by Sage company. Assisting employees to work more efficiently, ACT will prevent you from forgetting about your tasks. And when you and your employees perform tasks well, your services are better and consequently your clients are more satisfied.

Sage ACT will manage all the details of your business relationships and customer data. You may use ACT with Outlook, the two programs being compatible. You can actually synchronize them for a better usability. In fact, ACT is so simple to use that handling it will be really accessible to anyone. Here you can find out more on how to use ACT efficiently.


1. Welcome to Sage ACT! is the first button you will have to click in order to navigate around the program. If you are going to use this feature, you will be able to get a clear view on what ACT is and what it can do for your business.

2. Contacts is an extremely important feature of the program. You need to click it and choose the New Contacts option to enter all your information. You will be able to access here a Business Card detail view, which will offer you the possibility to add notes and keep track of your conversations or relation with that particular contact.


3. Lookup is another feature of ACT software, which you may find as extremely useful. This feature will help you search through your existing contacts, also allowing you to restrict the access to the information of a certain client. There are a few settings you will need to complete in order to obtain that.

4. The Contacts detail view is more useful than what you may imagine at first. You can adjust it depending on your needs and have great access to a wide range of information.


5. Edit Mode will allow you to customize ACT according to your preferences. You can customize each contact individually, but you may also use the Customize Column option.

In case you need an increased level of privacy regarding certain details of a client, you can access the Privacy settings of the program. This way you can be sure that important information will never be obtained by third parties. Remember that ACT software can be integrated with most of the business tools and the applications you use on daily basis. Make your work simpler by taking full advantage of all the tools ACT features. So, just “ACT” now and you will surely enjoy great benefits!

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Using ACT Software

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ACT software is a popular database software first released in 1987 by Sage Software Company. Throughout the years the popularity of this software increased, being used by more and more businesses each year. ACT software was actually created with the main purpose to assist business owners and employees in their everyday work. Thanks to ACT software, access to contacts is simple and tasks can easily be completed.

1. Contact relationship

ACT software can easily be used by all type of companies, including small businesses and even individuals. The software is perfect for organizing information, which will become easier to work with and obtain. Contact relationships are simpler to maintain, as well, with ACT software. The reality is that users of ACT will be able to easily and quickly retrieve contract information, which will be stored for whenever you need to access it.


2. Scheduling

Scheduling will become easier with ACT software, as well. This great software can actually be used to manage schedules and calendars, but also to ensure follow-up meetings, important calls, and everything that represents a priority for the success of the company and which should not be forgotten. With ACT employees will be able to keep track of the work even when they are not at the office.


3. Customizable

One of the best things about ACT software is that you can actually adapt it to your needs and the specific of your company. No matter what you need to perform your tasks in the best manner possible, you can access it with ACT. Businesses, regardless of their type of their sizes, can customize the software to suit the needs of their employees, as well as the specific of their clients.


And that is not all. ACT software currently is remotely accessible at any computer, too. It can be integrated with any tool and platform. The software allows workers to view graphs and reports on the performance of their business. This is a very important benefit, as it will offer business managers the possibility to find out what has to be done in order to improve the success of the company, as well to promote it better.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Act Software

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Act software has become a really popular program nowadays. Numerous companies use it to improve efficiency and enjoy amazing benefits. If you have never heard about Act software or you have no idea how it works, you should not worry at all. Below you can find a list of the most frequently asked questions on Act software. By learning their answers you will find out everything worth to be known about this program.

1. What is Act software?

Act software is a popular program created by Sage company. This program has actually been designed with the main purpose to assist business owners and employees in their work, improving efficiency and providing easier access to contacts. And that is not all. Act software will also help employees by reminding them of the tasks that are yet to be performed. Scheduling and maintaining relationships will be simpler with Act, as well.


2. Who can use Act software?

Both small and large companies can benefit of the use of this program. Small businesses and individuals can use the software to better organize important information. Thanks to this amazing program searching capabilities will be much improved, making it simpler to retrieve contact relationship information. Large companies who work with a lot of clients, customers, business partners, and have hundreds of employees may find Act software even more beneficial. However, regardless of the type of business and its specific, Act can improve work easily and costless.

3. Which are the benefits of Act?

If you had no idea, you should know that Act software is extremely beneficial for all type of companies. For instance, Act can be used to manage schedules and calendars, as well as to ensure that meetings, follow-up calls or simply important calls are made. Other great benefits of Act are listed below:

  • Act software features a platform that is customizable;
  • Act is remotely available at any computer;
  • Act will allow business owners and employees to view graphs of the performance of the business, monitoring this way its success;
  • Act software can be integrated with any business tools and applications the company uses;
  • Act offers you the possibility to prioritize your work.


With Act software you will be able to keep information in one place. The software is ideal for interacting with your customers, helping your company become more professional and consequently more appreciated by clients. Act can really help you run a more successful company, so there is really no reason why you should not try it, too.

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The Usage Of The ACT Software In The Marketing Department

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The marketing department of all companies is one of the busiest parts. There are always new projects and strategies to be considered, which come with a massive amount of documentation and will result in even more files. That is why the usage of the ACT software is most recommended in the case of this department. With the help of the techniques and tricks of the software, there are many issues that will be solved easier and in the proper way, starting with the suitable lowering of the number of documents and with the perfect arrangement of the ones left out. The important part to consider is that the software is accessible to the entire staff of the department and that they are all familiar with its functions and usages.

In the case of a project that must be presented to the other departments and to the company owner for the approval, the people of the marketing department can have a lot of issues to face. In addition to this, if there is more than one person working on the project at the same time, the centralization of the data and of the information resulted will be a lot more difficult without the usage of a specialized software. The functions which come with the help of ACT are aimed at making all the processes better and easier. Starting with the organization of the plan and of the project in itself, to the variety of documents that are issued, to the correspondence that has been carried between the members of the department and the reports resulted in the development stages.

The ACT software is useful and perfect for the marketing department. There are many things that must be dealt with at this level of each company and all the projects must be handled in the perfect way through the combined actions of a great number of people. Therefore, having a centralized system, through which all the members of the department can understand the stage of the project and what they have to do next based on that, is a mandatory factor. The ACT software is not only suitable for the centralization of the documents issued, but also for storing written e-mails, for rendering reports, for creating databases of all kinds, from the ones of the contacts for the project to programs, budgets and other centralized types of information related.

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