Sage ACT! Software Pro and Premium Review

Sage ACT!, formerly known as ACT! By Sage, is a CRM software application used to keep track of client and prospect details in a single database that multiple users can share. CRM stands for customer relationship management, a modern and popular model for managing a company’s interactions with both existing and future customers. ACT was an acronym for “Activity Control Technology” at first and hen for “Automated Contact Tracking”, but then it became just “ACT!”.

The Sage ACT! software was released in 1987 by the Sage Group, a multinational enterprise software company based in the United Kingdom. The Sage Group is the third largest supplier of enterprise resource planning software in the world, being also the largest supplier to small businesses and having more than 6 million customers worldwide. Over 2.8 million customers are registered users of the Sage ACT! Software.

This CRM software application integrates with Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and other popular applications in order to generate and track communications with the contacts maintained in the Sage ACT! Database. Ever since ACT! for DOS 1.0 was released in April 1987, the software has been constantly developed. In 2009, the 12.0 version was expected to add more links to social media sites and accounting products. In 2010, the product was split into Pro & Premium.

The 2011 version was integrated with Google and included faster, more expansive searches, as well as a virtual notepad called Sage ACT! Scratchpad. For the 15.0 model in 2013, the specialists at Sage added full integration with mobile devices, as well as social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The 2013 version also included improved smart tasks with better triggers and offline capability.

No doubt that Sage ACT! is one of the best CRM software applications on the market, but what is the difference between the Pro and Premium versions? Many business managers fail to look into this aspect before purchasing the software application and then realize that the version they have invested in does not really pay off. This is why it is time to better understand the purposes of Sage ACT! Pro and Premium and the differences between them.

1. Sage ACT! Pro

Sage ACT! Pro makes it easier for users to manage anything and everything related to their contacts and calendar. It is just like a business command server serving up relevant relationship details. Is also connects to services that are critical for a business, as well as desktop and web-based productivity tools. The social media part is not left out, either. Here are some features and characteristics of Sage ACT! Pro:

  • Deployment: Windows;
  • Recommended for individuals and teams of up to 10 users;
  • Allows users to get organized with a single view of their customer’s contact information, emails, activities, meeting notes, and to-dos;
  • It can seamlessly interact with Microsoft Outlook, Google, LinkedIn, and more.

Moreover, Sage ACT! Pro does not only keep track of all the details of your business relationships in a single, orderly view. This great software application also makes it easier for you to drill into the specifics at any given time and place. By using Sage ACT! Pro, you can:

  • Keep customer contact information, plus associated notes, activities, history, opportunities, documents, social media profiles and more in a single organized place;
  • View payment status, open quotes, and sales orders with Sage 50 (US and Canada editions) accounting software integration;
  • Access contact and calendar details from your iOS, Android, or BlackBerry device.

2. Sage ACT! Premium

Sage ACT! Premium makes it easier for users to engage in meaningful conversations with clients by providing them with an organized view of everyone they do business with – even while on the go. If you work on a team that needs to stay in sync, the additional benefits of Sage ACT! Premium will definitely help you a lot. Here are some of the Premium version’s features:

  • Deployment: Windows, Web, and Mobile;
  • Recommended for teams;
  • Allows you to get organized with a single view of your customers’ contact information, activities, meeting notes and to-dos;
  • It can seamlessly interact with Microsoft Outlook, Google, LinkedIn and more;
  • Boost effectiveness with team-based functionality and shared across to a central database from Windows and the web;
  • Allows you to stay connected to your business from your iOS or Android device with Sage ACT! Premium Mobile, which is included with your purchase.

Nowadays, businesspeople need to travel a lot, so they are going places. With the great feature Sage ACT! Premium Mobile, you can travel light and stay connected to your business by simply accessing key Sage details from your preferred supported device. By using Sage ACT! Premium Mobile, you will profit from many benefits, such as:

  • Real-time, mobile access to your contact, calendar and opportunity details from your iOS or Android device;
  • Sleek interface with Quick Actions that follow similar Sage ACT! Functionality;
  • Keep remote teams in lock-step with secured, shared access to the most recent Sage ACT! Details.

To sum up the main similarities and differences between Sage ACT! Pro and Premium, here is a chart that summarized their features:

Both of the Sage ACT! products are wonderful, so you simply have to choose the one that suits you best. Remember that Sage ACT! Pro is great for individuals and small teams, while Sage ACT! Premium works best for larger teams and companies.

Get Organized with ACT software

The business world nowadays has significantly changed from how it was years ago. The Internet and computers are mainly to blame for that, since they have become an integrated part of our lives and we use them everyday for a wide array of purposes. They have also made our jobs easier, since we no longer have to deal with endless paperwork. If you still do, then it is time to change that by downloading the ACT software application. Sage ACT is a customer relationship management (CRM) application used by business managers to keep track of clients and prospects in a single database that multiple users can share. The history of the application goes back to 1987, when the Sage Group released the ACT application.

At that time, ACT stood for Activity Control Technology and it soon became one of the pioneers in the contact management software category. Now, the ACT acronym stands for Automated Contact Tracking. For a business, developing and maintaining a positive relationship with its customers is very important. Unhappy customers means less customers, which automatically translates into smaller profits. If you want your business to rise, then using the ACT application is a great idea. Sage ACT is widely spread and currently has over 2.8 million registered users. ACT integrates with Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and other popular applications in order to track and generate communications with the contacts maintained in the application. It also has some amazing features, including communication tools, contact management, a calendar, the ability to track prospects, reports, dashboards, and the ability to synchronize data from other applications or over the Internet. One of its main advantages is allowing multiple users to access the same data at the same time.

This means that the ACT software application makes it very easy for business owners to manage everything related to their contacts and calendar. However, you should know that it is designed for individuals and teams of up to 10 users, so it is basically intended for small businesses and sales teams that want to get organized and manage the relationship with their customers properly. Keeping customers happy is very important. If the sales department mixes up orders and payments, then clients will definitely not be happy. By using the ACT software, you can rest assured that that will not happen and that your business will develop and rise. So go online, purchase the application now and enjoy all the benefits that come with this customer relationship management solution.