Sage ACT! Software Pro and Premium Review

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List Price: $269.99 USD
New From: $110.99 In Stock
Used from: $149.98 In Stock
Release date May 1, 2012.

Sage ACT!, formerly known as ACT! By Sage, is a CRM software application used to keep track of client and prospect details in a single database that multiple users can share. CRM stands for customer relationship management, a modern and popular model for managing a company’s interactions with both existing and future customers. ACT was an acronym for “Activity Control Technology” at first and hen for “Automated Contact Tracking”, but then it became just “ACT!”.

The Sage ACT! software was released in 1987 by the Sage Group, a multinational enterprise software company based in the United Kingdom. The Sage Group is the third largest supplier of enterprise resource planning software in the world, being also the largest supplier to small businesses and having more than 6 million customers worldwide. Over 2.8 million customers are registered users of the Sage ACT! Software.

This CRM software application integrates with Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and other popular applications in order to generate and track communications with the contacts maintained in the Sage ACT! Database. Ever since ACT! for DOS 1.0 was released in April 1987, the software has been constantly developed. In 2009, the 12.0 version was expected to add more links to social media sites and accounting products. In 2010, the product was split into Pro & Premium.

The 2011 version was integrated with Google and included faster, more expansive searches, as well as a virtual notepad called Sage ACT! Scratchpad. For the 15.0 model in 2013, the specialists at Sage added full integration with mobile devices, as well as social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The 2013 version also included improved smart tasks with better triggers and offline capability.

No doubt that Sage ACT! is one of the best CRM software applications on the market, but what is the difference between the Pro and Premium versions? Many business managers fail to look into this aspect before purchasing the software application and then realize that the version they have invested in does not really pay off. This is why it is time to better understand the purposes of Sage ACT! Pro and Premium and the differences between them.

1. Sage ACT! Pro

Sage ACT! Pro makes it easier for users to manage anything and everything related to their contacts and calendar. It is just like a business command server serving up relevant relationship details. Is also connects to services that are critical for a business, as well as desktop and web-based productivity tools. The social media part is not left out, either. Here are some features and characteristics of Sage ACT! Pro:

  • Deployment: Windows;
  • Recommended for individuals and teams of up to 10 users;
  • Allows users to get organized with a single view of their customer’s contact information, emails, activities, meeting notes, and to-dos;
  • It can seamlessly interact with Microsoft Outlook, Google, LinkedIn, and more.

Moreover, Sage ACT! Pro does not only keep track of all the details of your business relationships in a single, orderly view. This great software application also makes it easier for you to drill into the specifics at any given time and place. By using Sage ACT! Pro, you can:

  • Keep customer contact information, plus associated notes, activities, history, opportunities, documents, social media profiles and more in a single organized place;
  • View payment status, open quotes, and sales orders with Sage 50 (US and Canada editions) accounting software integration;
  • Access contact and calendar details from your iOS, Android, or BlackBerry device.

2. Sage ACT! Premium

Sage ACT! Premium makes it easier for users to engage in meaningful conversations with clients by providing them with an organized view of everyone they do business with – even while on the go. If you work on a team that needs to stay in sync, the additional benefits of Sage ACT! Premium will definitely help you a lot. Here are some of the Premium version’s features:

  • Deployment: Windows, Web, and Mobile;
  • Recommended for teams;
  • Allows you to get organized with a single view of your customers’ contact information, activities, meeting notes and to-dos;
  • It can seamlessly interact with Microsoft Outlook, Google, LinkedIn and more;
  • Boost effectiveness with team-based functionality and shared across to a central database from Windows and the web;
  • Allows you to stay connected to your business from your iOS or Android device with Sage ACT! Premium Mobile, which is included with your purchase.

Nowadays, businesspeople need to travel a lot, so they are going places. With the great feature Sage ACT! Premium Mobile, you can travel light and stay connected to your business by simply accessing key Sage details from your preferred supported device. By using Sage ACT! Premium Mobile, you will profit from many benefits, such as:

  • Real-time, mobile access to your contact, calendar and opportunity details from your iOS or Android device;
  • Sleek interface with Quick Actions that follow similar Sage ACT! Functionality;
  • Keep remote teams in lock-step with secured, shared access to the most recent Sage ACT! Details.

To sum up the main similarities and differences between Sage ACT! Pro and Premium, here is a chart that summarized their features:

Both of the Sage ACT! products are wonderful, so you simply have to choose the one that suits you best. Remember that Sage ACT! Pro is great for individuals and small teams, while Sage ACT! Premium works best for larger teams and companies.

List Price: $269.99 USD
New From: $110.99 In Stock
Used from: $149.98 In Stock
Release date May 1, 2012.
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Sage ACT! Software is the Best Business Solution

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List Price: $269.99 USD
New From: $110.99 In Stock
Used from: $149.98 In Stock
Release date May 1, 2012.

Sage ACT! makes it easy for you to manage anything and everything related to your contacts and calendar. Think of this software as your own business command centre that serves up relevant relationship details and also connects to business critical services, desktop and web-based productivity tools, and social media to help you get results:

  • designed for individuals and teams of up to 10 users;
  • get organised with a single view of your customer contact info, emails, meeting notes, activities, and to-dos;
  • seamlessly interact with Microsoft Outlook, Google, LinkedIn and more.

There is no better way to protect and extend your Sage ACT! investment than through Sage Business Care, a service plan that delivers the latest technology, peace of mind, and exceptional value to you and your business. Sage Business Care gives you access to the newest versions of Sage ACT!, the expert support you can count on, and valuable extras that helps you reduce the time, effort and cost of operating your ACT! solution.

Understanding the 2008 Premium ACT Software Program

The Sage ACT! is for sales people who are into several business fields. They are enriched with all the possible features that you can ever dream of having in your business. The software provides solutions that streamline day-to-day functions so the company can focus more on selling rather than the less essential administrative tasks.

List Price: $269.99 USD
New From: $110.99 In Stock
Used from: $149.98 In Stock
Release date May 1, 2012.

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, the software can be customised to your personal needs. It can be adjusted in a way that would meet your personal goals. Some customising effects of the software include:

  • capturing critical business information;
  • defining history, priority and activity types;
  • flexible deployment access;
  • accurate information on hand.

The moment you make use of this tool on your business, you would gradually feel the change of a business that is only going higher and is earning more credibility in the marketing world.

The SQL 2008 and 2012 Standard edition can support 30 or more users because it uses multi-processors and as much RAM as the server can provide it. Sage ACT! Premium is designed for businesses who want to access the data on their own servers over the Internet. Forget about sticky notes and lost memos. Step into the future with the ACT software!

List Price: $269.99 USD
New From: $110.99 In Stock
Used from: $149.98 In Stock
Release date May 1, 2012.
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Sage ACT Reviews

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List Price: $269.99 USD
New From: $110.99 In Stock
Used from: $149.98 In Stock
Release date May 1, 2012.

Sage ACT! is considered to be one of the most successful tools, at the moment, when it comes to customer relationship management. This CRM system is actually used by millions of customers, from all around the globe. Both small and large companies can benefit of ACT! and since it is so widely used, you probably already know someone who knows how it works.

However, if there is no one on your team who has used ACT!, there is nothing you should worry about. You can easily find out what other people think of this program from the numerous reviews that clients have given to ACT!.

So, numerous people have already used ACT!, being extremely happy with the benefits this software brings. Here you can read some of the reviews customers have given Sage ACT!:

Some clients are interested in how Sage ACT! can be used with LinkedIn:

I have version 12 and tried version 13. I was very much interested in how it handled LinkedIn. It makes a nice connection to LinkedIn and shows it under one of its tabs.

Other clients believe that Sage ACT! has a great customer service:

I have been using ACT since version 5 and recently converted to 2013. The customer service from Maria, was excellent and I have taken advantage of the 30-day customer support twice and both Moin and Ismail were beyond outstanding – great teachers, easy to understand, and helped me tremendously. Fantastic service on all of my three calls! So impressive!

A user friendly software, ACT! is appreciated as one of the best tools on the market:

Over the years ACT! has gotten better and better, especially for small businesses where a few people need to be able to synchronize contacts, calendars, projects, time tracking, and opportunities. For us it has become our Small Business Enterprise system.

I’ve been an ACT! user since 1990 and a very happy customer. This newest version made it very easy to migrate the old ACT! version databases over. Very user friendly.

We have tried plenty of feature packed CRM but have spent way too much over the years. ACT! is best value we have found.

List Price: $269.99 USD
New From: $110.99 In Stock
Used from: $149.98 In Stock
Release date May 1, 2012.

Every new version of Sage ACT! brings important improvements, appreciated by its customers.

I have been a user of ACT! since 3.0 and it just keeps getting better! Now, the smooth integration with Social Media takes it over the top! The design team listens to the community and the product shows it. What impressed me most is that ACT! 2013 makes work-flow easy across programs and platforms enabling me to need fewer if any other products. I was amazed that even my GOOGLE Calendar and Contacts were seamlessly integrated so that there is literally no need to leave ACT! 2013 during my erratic workday. ACT! 2013 keeps me at the top of my game.

I have used ACT! for a number of years and always found it to be a solid product. I see with each new version a number of functions or features added that I can check off my wish list from earlier versions. ACT! has served me well and I anticipate it will continue to do so.

Sage ACT! has provided me 7 years of amazing business control that I could have never done on my own. Each year I look forward to improvements in performance, enhancements and the the tweaking you would expect to keep up with today’s technology. I continue to learn that if there is something I would like Sage ACT! to do for me, it is already available within the software, I just need to educate myself on using a new part of the program.


For more information, here you can watch a Sage Act! 2013 video review:

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Just ACT!

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Looking for the perfect tool to improve the efficiency of your business? You need ACT! ACT software is an impressive program created by Sage company. Assisting employees to work more efficiently, ACT will prevent you from forgetting about your tasks. And when you and your employees perform tasks well, your services are better and consequently your clients are more satisfied.

Sage ACT will manage all the details of your business relationships and customer data. You may use ACT with Outlook, the two programs being compatible. You can actually synchronize them for a better usability. In fact, ACT is so simple to use that handling it will be really accessible to anyone. Here you can find out more on how to use ACT efficiently.


1. Welcome to Sage ACT! is the first button you will have to click in order to navigate around the program. If you are going to use this feature, you will be able to get a clear view on what ACT is and what it can do for your business.

2. Contacts is an extremely important feature of the program. You need to click it and choose the New Contacts option to enter all your information. You will be able to access here a Business Card detail view, which will offer you the possibility to add notes and keep track of your conversations or relation with that particular contact.


3. Lookup is another feature of ACT software, which you may find as extremely useful. This feature will help you search through your existing contacts, also allowing you to restrict the access to the information of a certain client. There are a few settings you will need to complete in order to obtain that.

4. The Contacts detail view is more useful than what you may imagine at first. You can adjust it depending on your needs and have great access to a wide range of information.


5. Edit Mode will allow you to customize ACT according to your preferences. You can customize each contact individually, but you may also use the Customize Column option.

In case you need an increased level of privacy regarding certain details of a client, you can access the Privacy settings of the program. This way you can be sure that important information will never be obtained by third parties. Remember that ACT software can be integrated with most of the business tools and the applications you use on daily basis. Make your work simpler by taking full advantage of all the tools ACT features. So, just “ACT” now and you will surely enjoy great benefits!

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Using ACT Software

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ACT software is a popular database software first released in 1987 by Sage Software Company. Throughout the years the popularity of this software increased, being used by more and more businesses each year. ACT software was actually created with the main purpose to assist business owners and employees in their everyday work. Thanks to ACT software, access to contacts is simple and tasks can easily be completed.

1. Contact relationship

ACT software can easily be used by all type of companies, including small businesses and even individuals. The software is perfect for organizing information, which will become easier to work with and obtain. Contact relationships are simpler to maintain, as well, with ACT software. The reality is that users of ACT will be able to easily and quickly retrieve contract information, which will be stored for whenever you need to access it.


2. Scheduling

Scheduling will become easier with ACT software, as well. This great software can actually be used to manage schedules and calendars, but also to ensure follow-up meetings, important calls, and everything that represents a priority for the success of the company and which should not be forgotten. With ACT employees will be able to keep track of the work even when they are not at the office.


3. Customizable

One of the best things about ACT software is that you can actually adapt it to your needs and the specific of your company. No matter what you need to perform your tasks in the best manner possible, you can access it with ACT. Businesses, regardless of their type of their sizes, can customize the software to suit the needs of their employees, as well as the specific of their clients.


And that is not all. ACT software currently is remotely accessible at any computer, too. It can be integrated with any tool and platform. The software allows workers to view graphs and reports on the performance of their business. This is a very important benefit, as it will offer business managers the possibility to find out what has to be done in order to improve the success of the company, as well to promote it better.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Act Software

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Act software has become a really popular program nowadays. Numerous companies use it to improve efficiency and enjoy amazing benefits. If you have never heard about Act software or you have no idea how it works, you should not worry at all. Below you can find a list of the most frequently asked questions on Act software. By learning their answers you will find out everything worth to be known about this program.

1. What is Act software?

Act software is a popular program created by Sage company. This program has actually been designed with the main purpose to assist business owners and employees in their work, improving efficiency and providing easier access to contacts. And that is not all. Act software will also help employees by reminding them of the tasks that are yet to be performed. Scheduling and maintaining relationships will be simpler with Act, as well.


2. Who can use Act software?

Both small and large companies can benefit of the use of this program. Small businesses and individuals can use the software to better organize important information. Thanks to this amazing program searching capabilities will be much improved, making it simpler to retrieve contact relationship information. Large companies who work with a lot of clients, customers, business partners, and have hundreds of employees may find Act software even more beneficial. However, regardless of the type of business and its specific, Act can improve work easily and costless.

3. Which are the benefits of Act?

If you had no idea, you should know that Act software is extremely beneficial for all type of companies. For instance, Act can be used to manage schedules and calendars, as well as to ensure that meetings, follow-up calls or simply important calls are made. Other great benefits of Act are listed below:

  • Act software features a platform that is customizable;
  • Act is remotely available at any computer;
  • Act will allow business owners and employees to view graphs of the performance of the business, monitoring this way its success;
  • Act software can be integrated with any business tools and applications the company uses;
  • Act offers you the possibility to prioritize your work.


With Act software you will be able to keep information in one place. The software is ideal for interacting with your customers, helping your company become more professional and consequently more appreciated by clients. Act can really help you run a more successful company, so there is really no reason why you should not try it, too.

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Main Benefits Of ACT Software

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List Price: $269.99 USD
New From: $110.99 In Stock
Used from: $149.98 In Stock
Release date May 1, 2012.

ACT software is a customer relationship management software application. This software can be used to keep track of clients easier. ACT software offers the main advantage of using a single database which can be shared by many users. It easily integrates with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook, so this software also offers easy usage. 


Actually, there are many benefits that ACT software users can enjoy. Below are listed some of the most important ones.

  • ACT software keeps all important information in one place. 
  • As relationship details are kept in a very organized manner, users have easy access to the information they need.
  • ACT software is very simple to use and learn. It provides you with intuitive interface for a simpler usage.
  • The easy-to-use format is very beneficial in finding the exact relationship details needed. 
  • With ACT daily responsibilities are simple to schedule and track. Important calls and meetings will never be missed. 
  • The software provides access to reports needed in decision making.
  • ACT will enhance the performance of your business.
  • ACT software can be integrated with the applications used everyday at work, including Microsoft Office. 
  • You can track correspondence with clients and gain access to the report or history of communication.
  • ACT software offers you the possibility to prioritize your work, schedule calls and meetings, filter calls and prioritize tasks.
  • With ACT you can also synchronize the software to your calendar, notes and contacts.
  • Information can be accessed over an internal network.


The creation of a contact database is very simple with ACT. You will have easy access to contact information and you will find the data and records you need in just a couple of seconds.

The effective management of contact groups is another great benefit of ACT. Organize contacts into groups and you can be sure that customers are managed effectively and efficiently. Efficient calendar and tasks management, such as scheduling appointments becomes easier with ACT software. Users of ACT will never be in the situation of forgetting about important calls. Communication with contacts will be facilitated, too. As ACT tracks history communication, including letters and meetings, users will be able to easily access them.


There is no doubt in the fact that ACT software has numerous benefits that users can easily enjoy. However, the most important advantage of ACT remains its great functionality. This software is easy to learn and using it will be extremely simple. There is no wonder after all that more people and organizations are looking to use it at its full capabilities.

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Improvements In Act Software

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Since 1987, the purpose of ACT software was to store and to manage your business information, so that you can have time for more important things. Today, ACT is improved including many great features, compatible to modern technology and business requirements.

1. Your business will benefit from info databases, new email marketing features and many other things that will help you have a thriving business.


2. ACT is the best business software, being great mainly for small businesses. It provides all the features you need, being easy to use and costs are affordable.

3. ACT is ideal for interacting with your customers by giving small and helps you organize your business. Use it and you will be ready even for unexpected customer conversations. This amazing software includes a history of your past deals, interactions such as personal notes related to phone calls and email messages.

4. From now, you won’t have to fumble on the phone, searching for a recent mail to refresh your memory. On the contrary, you will be professional since ACT manages prospects with built-in-sales-process workflows which can be customisable to fit your business needs.


5. ACT also lets you know how your employees are performing, the percentage of deals, revenue of deals and you can also see opportunities very fast and easy.

6. This software automates common tasks, so you and your staff will save a lot of time. For example, it can send follow-up thank-you notes. Or, it can send the new client a “welcome” email, an email notification to a manager to inform him about an opportunity and at the same time, put an entry on your calendar. This will help you or your employees follow up with that client by phone in several days, which is great.


7. ACT integrates with Excel, Word, Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes, so you can move your information fast and easy. In addition, you can sync your ACT and Outlook contacts automatically.

If until now, you needed a PC to benefit from ACT, from now on you can use ACT Mobile Live to access your ACT database from your mobile phone or Windows Mobile device. You can add contacts and make any other changes right from your smartphone while you are on the road. Therefore, ACT software saves you from expense and hassle and your employees will also have access to information, no matter where they are.

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ACT – A Different Way To Do Business

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Use ACT software and revolutionise the way you do business!

ACT software is the number 1 selling customer management and contact solution that is used by over 2.8 million people, including small business owners and individual professionals.

If you have your own business, you should also consider this amazing software as it can increase your productivity, so you will have much more time to focus on business activities, strategies and provide an improved customer experience.

You can have a successful business because due to ACT software, you stay in touch with the most intricate needs of your customers, so you will make wise and informed decisions.




ACT software is also useful because it allows you to:


  • communicate better, successfully and consistently
  • manage very well your daily responsibilities
  • keep all your contacts and relationships in a single place
  • find very fast the exact relationship details
  • know better and almost instantly the performance of your business
  • monitor your leads from your first interaction through close
  • customise ACT software to be compatible with your business needs
  • integrate it with the applications you usually use





This effective software provides your business and organisation with:


  • centralised administration
  • contact
  • advanced features
  • security
  • deployment options

Through this type of software, you have the opportunity to choose how you want to deploy your customer management and contact solution. In addition, with ACT software, you are able to:


  • sell more
  • be more productive
  • personalize
  • market efficiently
  • manage relationships better
  • search and instantly access
  • maintain and administer faster and easier contacts, reports and many other things




 ACT software is ideal for maintaining and developing business partnerships. It integrates a calendar, a task and also a customer database and is able to automate many tasks every day such as:

  • sending quotes, proposals, product and service information
  • maintaining accurate records of all your interactions
  • generating reports to review clients and activities
  • scheduling meetings, reminders, as well as many other business activities




ACT software is also perfect for your team co-ordination, comprehensive sales process management and for efficient management by account or group.

Use ACT and you will have the opportunity to centralize important contacts and customer information, manage and develop your business and stay organized. Plus, you will have more time for focusing on your business strategy or more time to relax.

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Better Organize Your Business With ACT Software

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ACT Software is a customer relationship management software application, which is used to keep track of client and prospect details in a single database that can be shared by multiple users. The software integrates perfectly with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook, and other popular applications in order to generate and track communications with the contacts. If developing long lasting, profitable business relationships is essential to your success, then this particular software is the right product for you and for your business. It helps keep new customer referrals coming in and existing customers coming back, creating a continuing cycle of positive results. The software also manages the interaction between your customers, suppliers and company members. Therefore, you will always have a bird’s eye view of your customer information, in order to make your life easier and make the best decisions to benefit your business.

Sales could not be easier with this software and every stage of the sales process can be tracked and managed instantly telling you who has bought which products and when. This is important, because it assists you in predicting sales trends, and allows you to spot new opportunities instantly. The software is easy to use and learn, and it integrates with Microsoft Office. This means you can be more productive right away.

The software has many features that include contact management, a calendar, communication tools, the ability to track prospective customers, dashboards, reports, and the ability to synchronize data from other applications or over the web. The software allows multiple users to access the same data simultaneously and can interface with popular word processing, spreadsheet, and even email software. It is one of the most complete softwares on the marketing and management market. Other features of this software include dashboards, which are graphical representations of key activity that allows users to spot new business opportunities, and can generate a wide variety of statistical reports. ACT software makes it possible for more users to access the same information at the same time, without any trouble. The costs for such a software are not high, so it is great that, for a small price, you will have so many benefits. Your business will soon thrive and will be constantly successful as you will know all the important details about what to do. 

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